Tomer Naor

Tomer Naor


Tomer Naor, 29, born and raised in Jerusalem, is a man of contrasts. Upon first seeing Tomer with his dreadlocks
you will have one impression and then when you get to know him, his dichotomies are pleasantly surprising. From his variety of interests and ability to listen to people he meets and opinions he hears, he keeps his focus without being afraid to say and stand for what he believes.

Left and right, traditional and secular, tour-guide and lawyer, suits and dreads. An informal educator and social activist Tomer often finds himself in more than a few different places at the same time. Never hesitating to say what he thinks is right and just, he does not choose his friends by whether or not they share the same ideas as him.

When he finished his army service he began working in Jewish Zionistic education and in several organisations in Israel and abroad combining his great passion for travel and backpacking with his love for learning and social activism. Today he works as a lawyer at the Movement For Quality Government in Israel while also focusing his energies on programs in Jerusalem connecting people from all around the world to the city he loves.


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