Yonat and Hadas

Yonat and Hadas


Hadas and Yonatan have been married for 5 years, following meeting each-other in the Israel Defence Forces 10 years ago. They have two beautiful children, Tamar and Hillel.

Today they live in the southern part of Israel in the predominantly desert area called the Negev. They plan to build their future there and help develop the community and society in this difficult part of the world.

Hadas was born in Ethiopia, where her family, led by deep Jewish faith and Zionism, chose to leave and make the long and difficult journey to Israel. Following in the footsteps of inspirational doctors, who helped save her life when she arrived in Israel, Hadas today serves as a doctor in the Israel Defence Forces

Hadas graduated from Ben Gurion University as part of an Israel Defence Forces initiative called Atidim, a project which gives greater educational opportunities to young people from unprivileged areas in Israel.

Hadas also spends time volunteering with young people within and outside the Ethiopian Jewish community. She aims to inspire them to seek the power of education and improve their lives.

Yonatan was raised in Tel Mond, a town in central Israel. He was part of his local Scouts tribe, where he mentored and led teenagers.

Yonatan graduated from Betzalel, one of the leading design schools in Israel, also as part of an Israel Defence Forces educational program.

Today Yonatan works within the Israel Defence Forces to help manage and develop community projects.


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  1. Anthony

    I am an American-Israeli. I was in Tel Aviv in the early 1990s and remember well the first wave of immigrants Israel absorbed from Ethopia. Now, 25 yeasr later I am thrilled to watch this video …. this young girl …. what a story, and now she is an Israeli physician …. AMAZING! ONLY IN ISRAEL DO WE HAVE THESE STORIES… ani li earetz aochoret!!!


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