Yulia Maria Noza

Yulia Maria Noza


Yulia Maria Noza, 24, came to Israel in 2006 from Romania. Her father worked for years in Israel with his Israeli citizenship. The rest of family came with him for a better life.

Yulia lives in Jaffa, where Christians, Muslims and Jews are her closest friends. Julia served as a military police officer at checkpoints, where she had to exercise judgment, empathy and toughness when necessary.

Many of her best friends are from the army. Yulia chose to attend a college in the city – Tel Aviv- Yafo Academic College. She studies government and society studies to make change and to be involved in public life in Israel.

Yulia has been with her boyfriend, a Christian from South America, for six years together. They met at a salsa club in Tel Aviv and got engaged in 2011. Today Yulia is five months pregnant. She is excited to build a life and family in Israel. Her Israel


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